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MSP430 SPI Communication

A mystery, solved!

SPI Communication

I got it. I never understood how this works, but now i got it. I have not understood yet where the TXBUF and RXBUF are useful in the SPI communication. Maybe it is only needed for I2C.

My Goal was to send data from one MSP to another via SPI to make Projects possible that are using SPI controlled Devices. The 2.4GhZ Transceivers for example. Weiterlesen

MSP430 | Using Timer Interrupts instead of Delays

In many code examples there are delays with Loops used for timekeeping Events. This is a really bad idea, because the microcontroller runs full power without doing a Thing that is needed. For Battery powered Projects this cuts the lifetime of the battery enormous. By the way it is not good for the Environment.

WordPress seems to write some words big and some small randomly. So please do not wonder why some words are written wrong.

I want to Show how you can use a timer for timekeeping Events instead of delays. This Blog entry is made for Beginners like me, and if there are any questions, just ask in a comment. Weiterlesen

Wordclock Eigenbau | DIY wordclock

Es ist wie ein Zwang. Sobald man ein wenig Vertrauen in sich uns seine Elektronikkenntnisse hat kommt scheinbar jeder eines Tages dazu das Projekt Wordclock zu beginnen.

It seems to be an unwritten rule. If you earned some knowlege in electronics and made your first steps successfully, everyone is starting a DIY Wordclock Project one day.

Gefällt mir.

Gefällt mir.  | i like that