We tried to figure out if the

H801 WiFi LED

Controller is working with MQTT. We found that sketch:


but it is working with an older version of Pubsubclient. So edited the sketch so that it is working with the new ones.

Here is what you are waiting for:


A few things have to be customized by you:

const char* ssid = „wifi1337“;
const char* password = „1337CryptoMaster“;
const char* mqtt_server = „public.example.com“;
#define MQTTUSERNAME „username“
#define MQTTPASSWORD „password“


search also for




and change it as you need it. That are the MQTT-Topics to subscribe to.


Color format will be given by Red, Green, Blue Values from 0 to 100 like this:


SW1 and SW2 just need a number from 0 to 100.

We had troubles uploading the sketch although we used the J1 Jumper.

We found that we only need to connect GND, RX, TX (not crossed!), start the upload and when it’s near the upload plug the power adapter of H801.

Have fun and keep making! 🙂

Link to the Controller: